Project Manager

Project Manager

About the Role

You’re a self-starter. When a project gets thrown your way, you work hard to bring it all the way across the finish line without relying on others; however, you also know when to ask for help.

You will become an expert in our in-house technology products and tools. You are the go-to person for launching new company webstores and troubleshooting issues with current ones, all while aiding in the actual development process of the technology itself.

When you aren’t head-deep in a project or resolving an issue, you might be asked to generate a report for other key company stakeholders using SQL, or utilize photoshop to create a few mock product images.

In short, you are the “first line of defense” between the organization and the technology/engineering department. By becoming an expert in our technology products/tools and gaining the trust of key company stakeholders, you will become a very valuable asset to the technology department, as well as the company as a whole.


  • Leading up initiatives involving our technology products, such as setting up online stores for larger companies, and seeing these projects through to the finish line.
    • Examples: Building out and launching Pet Retail Brands store, setting up fulfillment stores in fishbowl, etc.
  • Troubleshooting issues with online stores or our internal technology tools (often issues with previously “launched” projects)
    • Example: Someone ordered on a webstore, but it didn’t get into fishbowl. You will be tasked to investigate why and help resolve the issue.
  • Performing basic QA tasks, both for specific projects and new tool-wide features.
    • Example, we are launching a new feature to allow a user to “Pick their Logo”. Testing (and trying to break) that feature in our development/staging environment (and taking notes on things to improve) before we release it to production.
  • Using SQL to do data analysis for other stakeholders in the organization (sales, production, etc.)
    • Example: Creating a dashboard in our BI tool that allows production to see capacity on any given day
  • Getting access to, manipulating, and cleaning product data from our vendors.
    • Example: We get product data from Adidas, but it’s not quite in the right format. You will be tasked to use excel to manipulate into the format that we need.