What We Do

We believe that listening and understanding your needs comes first. When you order, you'll have a team right here in our building taking ownership of your order from start to finish. We can do it faster and cleaner because we handle everything ourselves and keep you involved throughout.

Branded Merchandise

We want to work WITH you whether it’s for a one-time event your long-term branding needs. We pride ourselves on finding solutions and the best way to give you the best product. Access to over a million products sounds daunting. We get it. That’s what we are here for. Once we understand what you need, we’ll narrow down the list of products for you and help you make the best choice. Want more information send us a quick note and we’ll set-up a time to chat.

Uniforms & Apparel

Under Armour, Adidas, Badger, Wilson, and every brand, sport, equipment item in between. We have it. Need Carhartt work uniforms, polo’s, or jackets? We can do it, and do it well.

Fulfillment & Kitting

We can support your long term fulfillment needs so you can concentrate on your business. From product ordering, easy transaction’s for your customers or employees, to pick, pack and shipping we have it all covered. We can also help you with kitting for customer gifts, swag bags and charity events.

Team & Webstores

We aren’t just getting rid of the stress of collecting sizes, names, and colors on a spreadsheet, we’re helping you get the right products delivered to the right people on time. Need a webstore for an event or organization? We do that too. Our process lets us be nimble to support all of our customer needs.

How We Do It

Whether it’s expanding our equipment, improving our technology, trying new ink types and printing methods, we are always looking for ways to get better at what we do. Everything we do, is to make sure our customers have the best experience, period. Here’s a little more information on our core offerings.


Don’t have a design yet? No problem, we have our own art team right here in our building. They not only set up all designs we use in production, but they’ll help you improve what you’ve got or even create a brand new design from scratch. They’re great and what they do and will always make sure that you approve of the design before sending it to the production floor.


Embroidery is the traditional method of stitching directly onto apparel. We have a dedicated embroidery team working on 74 machines offering more than 80 stock colors. We can embroider in any font, in multiple locations, wherever you want it. This is most often used on ball caps, jackets and company logos on shirts.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is what you see on most graphic t-shirts. You can use one color or many to get the design you want where you want it, in as many locations as you need. The process is a layering of ink based on the number of colors you want in your design. Screen printing tends to be the best choice for larger orders.

Heat Press/Sublimation

Heat Press/Sublimation is a modern and evolving process that basically embeds a complete design directly to your item. It’s great for high quality images and smaller orders where the design might change from item to item, such as names on a uniform.