Following The Trend - Items and Ideas For "Get To Know Your Customers Day"

Monday, March 18, 2024

Following The Trend - Items and Ideas For Get To Know Your Customers Day   


You'll find many holidays and events listed on your calendar. One of the most obscure holidays is Get To Know Your Customers Day; however, it is still a useful day for businesses. Learning how to best use the items and ideas for Get To Know Your Customers Day to help boost your company's sales and profile.

What Is Get To Know Your Customers Day? 

Getting To Know Your Customer Day was established approximately 2011 and is acknowledged on the third Thursday of each quarter. For April 2024, it's celebrated on April 17. Whether your business is sales, promotional products or retail, this is a holiday worth noting and capitalizing on.

The goal of Get To Know Your Customers Day is to better communicate with your customers and further establish a connection with them. These actions result in better customer service and customers are more inclined to stay with a business when they experience great customer service from them.  Customers also give insights on how to improve companies and their products, which could then improve the company's sales. 

Ideas and Promotions  

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool and companies need to take full advantage of them. Businesses should set up Q&As and surveys on their platform pages. They can also set up the surveys on their company website. Consider setting up a suggestion box on what new products customers would like to see. Allow the customers to give honest opinions and feedback on your products and services. If a customer asks a specific question or gives a complaint, answer them in a quick manner. If needed, send a follow-up text or email. 

Set up virtual events on Get To Know Your Customers Day and maybe even host an in-person event. Give a brief description of your company's history and describe how your products and services can help customers. Encourage customers to comment on their interests and what they like about your business. Offer contests, such as raffles to win the latest products or give discounts to everyone who signs up for the customer loyalty program. Retailers can also host specials on that day with sales on their most popular products and give free thank-you gifts to their valued repeat customers. 

Using Promotional Gifts 

Whether they're strengthening the loyalty of current customers or trying to impress newly encountered customers, businesses should also use Get To Know Your Customer Day to send swag bags or boxes. For current customers, include a thank-you card for their loyalty or just a card with nice words of encouragement. For new customers, include a survey form that they can mail back or fill out online where they can give feedback on the free gifts. 

Apparel retailers and promotional products companies can send branded shirts, hoodies, caps and gloves. Other gift ideas include mugs, water bottles, tote bags, lip and skin moisturizers, snack bags and scented candles. For office products, consider notebooks, mousepads, pen sets and pen holders. . 

If you have any questions with regards to items and ideas for Getting To Know Your Customer Day, please contact one of our representatives who will gladly help you.

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