Following The Trend - Easing Back To The Office

Monday, March 28, 2022

Following The Trend - Easing Back to the Office 


Outside of essential workers, most people have been working from home during the pandemic.  Recently, with the available vaccines and Covid cases in decline in some areas, more businesses are reinstating work in their offices.  Certain steps should be taken to make the transition back to the office as smooth as possible for both employees and management.

Communicate With Employees  

Companies need to communicate openly with their employees.  Send out memos or emails and ask for feedback on how comfortable they are returning to an office environment.  While some employees may want to come back, others might not feel ready or have situations at home that might complicate a comeback.  

Hybrid schedules are popular and could remain so, even for businesses that usually have daily meetings.  This gives everybody flexibility and benefits those employees with children.

Physical Changes in Office  

When employees do return to the office, employers need to assure them that everybody's health is a top priority and strict safety protocols will still be enforced.  People should continue social distancing and desks and office equipment need regular sanitization.  Many offices have taken down to cubicle walls to create more open space and a relaxing environment for both the workers and visiting clients.

Other Benefits  

Management should do their best to ensure that the employees are mentally fine with working at an office.  A list of recommended therapists or support groups should be available to those who request them. 

Many companies are also adding benefits to help ease the transition back to an office.  Telecare and backup care assist employees who also act as caregivers.  Onsite childcare is popping up in more offices to help simplify parents' and children's schedules.

Restarting Office Work Routines 

Before they come back to the office, employees should restart their office work routines.  If they started work at a later time when they worked from home, workers need to begin work at the usual time a few days before their expected return date.  Take your scheduled breaks and lunch hour at the same time at home and the office.

Please contact our representatives for more tips on how to return to an office smoothly and with less stress.  With some adjustments and the right attitude, we can all safely and effectively work in an office environment again.

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