Following The Trend - Following Safety Protocols To Protect Your Employees

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Following The Trend - Following Safety Protocols To Protect Your Employees  


Most companies need to follow safety regulations, including the rules set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), to protect the wellbeing of their employees. A safe workplace leads to happy employees, which leads to more productivity and less employee turnover. Promotional products companies can contribute to their client's employees' safety by supplying items such as warning signs and protective gear.

Employee Safety Measures  

New employees are more likely to have accidents than longtime employees, so training them on safety protocol before they start or on their first days on the job is essential. Consider giving employees notebooks so they can take notes on safety guidelines. If workers operate heavy machinery frequently, they should be allowed regular break so they can re-energize. Employees should also be alerted immediately to new safety standards or when changes are made to existing standards. 

Many companies require that employees wear protective gear, especially when they work with heavy machinery or potentially hazardous materials. Gloves, safety goggles, facemasks, hard hats and visible reflectors are among the needed items and promotional products companies should provide them to the appropriate clients.    

Machine Maintenance and Protocol  

Following safety protocol for machines not only helps prevent employee injuries, but also allows businesses to keep their machines going for a long time. According to OSHA regulations, machines must be inspected yearly. Any machinery that needs maintenance must be put in power lockout. Employees who routinely handle heavy machinery or vehicles must undergo training every three years. Workers must also keep areas around machines and vehicles clean and clear to prevent accidents and unseen dangers. Promotional products businesses can create warning signs to be posted around the workplace, such as "High Voltage" or "Corrosive Materials" to alert everyone of potential hazards.  

Handling Materials  

OSHA regulations require that businesses attach safety data sheets to all products containing hazardous chemicals and that they identify all of the chemicals in the item. Copies of these sheets must be given to inspectors on the day of inspection. Warning labels, which include "Highly Flammable" and "Fragile," must be clearly visible on all containers. When workers dispose of hazardous materials, they should place them in a tightly sealed canister with the proper biohazard warning labels on them.  

If you have any questions about following safety protocols to protect your employees, please contact one of our representatives.

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