Following The Trend - How To Make Business Cards Stand Out For New Clients 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Following The Trend - How To Make Business Cards Stand Out For New Clients  


Business cards are a great item to have when you're introducing yourself to a new client. Whether it's at a trade show or business convention, a card helps the client remember you long after the meeting. Still, your business card needs to be memorable and grab the client's attention or else they will eventually forget about you. With the right design and presentation of info, you can learn how to make business cards stand out for new clients. 

Overall Design and Appearance

One important factor is to have your name and the company logo appear large enough on the business card. Consider using bold colors like red, blue and green to make your card stand out. Use a good headshot picture of yourself to help the new client remember you. Round corners on your card (instead of pointed corners) make it easier for you to carry in your pocket. While the majority of business cards feature a horizontal orientation, some cards distinguish themselves with a vertical orientation.

Unique Shapes and Materials  

While the rectangular, flat, cardboard format remains the standard for business cards, companies should explore more unique options. For example, construction companies can produce business cards in the shape of miniature hard hats or computer software businesses can distribute cards in the shape of a laptop. Showing off your company's creativity might make new clients more inclined to do business with you. 

Regular cardboard cards can easily get a crease and even crumpled up and people will likely toss them out. Consider using thicker cardboard paper to make the cards more durable. UV coating also helps keep the cards from getting badly damaged. 

Important Information on Cards

Business cards should contain as much pertinent information on it as possible. Your job title should be listed underneath your name as that usually gives you some authority when dealing with potential clients. List all of your contact information, including phone numbers, work email address, and social media platforms. Instead of your company website's homepage, use a link that goes to a page of client reviews or highlights your business' main purpose and specialties.

The card should also briefly mention the main products or services your company provides. The back of the card can also feature an inspirational message, something creative that lets the client know you're not a typical business and want to help the client succeed. 

If you want to learn more about how to make your business cards stand out fo new clients, please contact one of our representatives.

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