Following The Trend - Why Promotional Products are important For Businesses

Monday, April 17, 2023

Following The Trend - Why Promotional Products Are So Important For Businesses  


Businesses need all the help they can get to grab customers' attention. With the tough economy, it's even more imperative for companies to stand out from their competition. Promotional products work as both an effective marketing tool and as a great starter for building a relationship between businesses and their clients.

The most popular ways of distributing promotional products are through trade shows, online giveaways and direct mail campaigns.

Effective Marketing Tool  

Promotional products are an enormously effective marketing tool for businesses. Studies show 89% of people remember the company's name within two years of receiving a promotional product from them. 60% keep the products for at least two years and 63% pass the items along to somebody else once they no longer need them, expanding the number of people who see the brand.

While clothes get the better brand recall, drinkware is also popular as 90% of people own a branded mug or tumbler. However, tote bags are the most often used promotional product over time.

The cost of producing and distributing promotional items is minimal compared to the expected revenue. Over 50% of businesses thought promotional products are the best marketing strategy versus 19% for television ads.

Building Customer Relationship  

Promotional products are also an excellent way of connecting with potential new customers. According to PROmotion Marketing LLC, 82% of people think better of a company after getting a promotional product from them. The items should be of high quality, because 72% of customers equate equality of the products with the company's quality. Most importantly, 85% of people who received a promotional product ended up as that company's client. 

It's not just clients either. 59% of employees have a more favorable outlook on their employer after receiving a promotional product. 52% of people, both clients and employees are more likely to recommend the business to others after getting their promotional product. 

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