Product Spotlight - OtterBox Venture Cooler - Made in the USA

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


A solid, reliable, and durable cooler is an essential Fall item. Whether it's tailgating, camping, concerts, or company events - having a way to keep drinks or food cool and safe is a must! Construction crews also use large coolers to help their members stay fed and hydrated during the long work hours.  The OtterBox Venture 45-quart cooler is the ideal cooler to have in your arsenal.

Appearance and Design

The Venture cooler comes in three distinct colors: white, tan with green trim, and orange with a camouflage top.  The cooler measures approximately 18.83" W x 31.39" H x 18.76" D.  The cooler offers a large imprint space both centered on top, or front for logos and branding.


The OtterBox cooler is made of polypropylene with two-part polyurethane insulation.  It can hold up to 25 cans or 52 bags of ice, which can last up to two weeks inside the cooler.  A storage tray is placed on the inner rim to keep your items safe and dry.  You can even attach a side table onto the handles for easy dining.

Otter-box cooler refrigeration specs

The Venture cooler is built of sturdy material and able to withstand any hits and tumbles.  The latches are made of silicone and stainless steel and keep the contents tightly secured inside the container.  As the commercial shows, not even a bear attack or wrecking ball can break into the Otterbox Venture 45-quart cooler!

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