Product Spotlight - Exciting Products For Super Bowl Parties  

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Product Spotlight - Exciting Products For Super Bowl Parties   


Most Americans consider The Super Bowl to be the biggest sporting event of the year. As a result, families, friends and even co-workers get together to watch the game on TV. Party hosts will want to make sure that they have exciting products for their Super Bowl party by displaying the right clothing and headgear, food and cookware and football-themed decorations.

Apparel And Accessories 

Football fans can wear jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that show off their favorite team's colors and logo. If they don't have a favorite, a regular football or Super Bowl-themed shirt should suffice. Consider wearing sweatpants and leggings that match your top. To really stand out, men can wear face paint, women can wear bracelets and necklaces and both genders can display temporary tattoos.

Party-goers can top their looks with beanies and caps. Fans can easily find headgear for their favorite team or just wear a special Super Bowl cap, such as this Fanatics Super Bowl LVIII fitted cap.

Everything With Food And Drinks

Party hosts usually serve meals such as pizza, burgers and fried chicken along with appetizers including buffalo chicken wings. Guests might bring in side dishes too, such as chips and dips, guacamole, chili and salad. Dessert must-haves include football-shaped cookies and popcorn snack bags. Certain cooking utensils and serving spoons feature NFL team logos on their handles. You might buy football-themed bowls and plates.

Cocktail glasses and pint glasses are good choices for alcoholic drinks, while plastic cups work for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Ice buckets and coolers (with team colors) will keep the beverages cold. For something truly unique, look into Igloo's KoolTunes® cooler, which acts as both a cooler and wireless speakers to play your favorite music. 

Home Decor   

The right home and room decorations can greatly enliven your Super Bowl party. Kitchen and dining room areas should be decked out with football-themed tablecloths and napkins. Consider adding a football centerpiece on the main table. Adorn the living room/TV room with pom-poms, foam fingers, rally towels and balloons with the Super Bowl teams' logos. Put up a bingo board for the game and its commercials and maybe a betting bulletin board if people placed bets on the score or football statistics. 

For more information on exciting products for Super Bowl parties and where to purchase them, please contact one of our representatives.

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