Product Spotlight - How To Have a Family-Oriented Easter

Monday, February 26, 2024

Product Spotlight - How To Have a Family-Oriented Easter   


While holidays tend to bring families together, few stand out as much as Easter. It's common to see families attend church services and Easter parades as well as engage in fun activities together. To make the holiday special for everyone in your family, consider all the enlightening and entertaining ways on how to have a family-oriented Easter.

Public Events  

Many families acknowledge the religious importance of Easter and attend church services together. Some churches offer events for children days before Easter to help them better understand the true meaning of the holiday. Afterwards, while everybody is wearing their Sunday best, families might stand in front of the church or go to a park with pretty flowers to have their picture taken. Certain cities host Easter parades where your family can spot even more fancy Easter outfits, floats, and vintage cars and children will enjoy seeing the Easter Bunny. 

Contests and Games   

When people think of family Easter activities, they usually think of egg hunts. Parents will hide eggs either inside the house or outdoors for their children to find. Another popular game is the egg toss with the objective of who can toss the egg the furthest (Plastic eggs preferred over hard-boiled eggs as they're less messy). Other outdoor activities include egg spoon races and bunny hop races. 

When indoors, families can put an Easter jigsaw puzzle together or play Easter bingo. Split the family into teams to see who can build a bunny or chicken Lego set the fastest. One popular contest is "Guess How Many Jellybeans Are In a Jar'' and Jelly Belly's Mini Bean Machine is a creative item to help count the beans.   

Other Fun Events  

Some other interesting activities to do as a family:

  • Dress up - Who wouldn't love to put on bunny ears and as a bonus, use face paint to add a pink nose and whiskers.
  • Entertainment - Have your family read the Easter story in the Bible or other Scripture-related books. If children prefer TV, watch an Easter-based movie.
  • Outdoor decorations - Put potted plants or use a garden kit to plant flowers in the front yard. Children might use chalk to draw bunnies and chicks on sidewalks and driveways. 
  • Charity - Drop off food at local food pantries for the underserved communities. Make and donate Easter baskets with candy and stickers for poor children.
  • Arts and Crafts - Dye eggs, make paper flowers and bunny masks. Decorate a paper tablecloth for Easter dinner. For something more unique, Sunbasil provides a kit to make Peep-inspired soap with pastel-colored eggs and bunnies.

If you would like more details on how to have a family-oriented Easter, please call one of our representatives.

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