Product Spotlight - Top Products For March Madness Celebrations

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Product Spotlight - Top Products For March Madness Celebrations  


The NCAA basketball tournament is one of the most popular sporting events in the U.S. It's nicknamed "March Madness" because of the excitement and unpredictability that frequently happen in the games. Whether you plan to throw a party or just watch the game on TV with a couple friends, consider these top products for March Madness celebrations.


Fans who plan to watch the game or even attend the game should deck out in official March Madness t-shirts, hoodies, and caps. If your favorite team is in the tournament, you can wear clothing with your team colors and logo. Try wearing matching wristbands and sneakers with your outfit. Bold fans might want to add face paint before the game. 

Basketball jerseys remain popular clothing items. Even if your team isn't in the tournament, you can wear retro jerseys of your favorite players, including this Michael Jordan UNC jersey from Mitchell & Ness.

For Food And Drinks  

For those who plan to throw a March Madness viewing party, displaying the appropriate food and drink items can liven up the festivities.Paper plates, plastic cups and napkins with a basketball design will look great on any table. Cookies and cakes in the shape of basketballs make for tasty treats. Many colleges offer popcorn or trail mix snack bags with their team logo on them. Koozies with your favorite team's colors will keep your cans and bottles cold. Check out the various tumblers, such as Simple Modern's Collegiate Trek Tumblers that display colors and logos of many top colleges. 

Home and Office Decor  

Decorating your home or your workspace will get you in the mood for March Madness. Outdoor flags with your team's colors can adorn your front yard. Framed pictures of your favorite player or coach, especially if it's autographed, should catch people's eyes. Foam fingers, rally towels and pom-poms near the TV will brighten the environment. If your office is having a bracket challenge contest, consider getting a bracket bulletin board where people can keep track of who's winning. Workers will find basketball-designed stress reliever balls or ballpoint pen tops useful items to have on their desks. 

If you have any  questions or want more tips about top products for March Madness celebrations, please call one of our representatives. 

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