Product Spotlight - Top Products For World Environment Day

Friday, May 31, 2024

Product Spotlight - Top Products For World Environment Day   


Sustainability and protecting our environment have become increasingly important themes in our society. Average citizens might do their part, but businesses, local and national government must participate as well. World Environment Day raises awareness on issues affecting our environment. People can buy top products for World Environment Day to show their support at home and at work.

What Is World Environment Day?  

World Environment Day was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly and is celebrated on June 5. While overshadowed by the more popular Earth Day, the difference between the two holidays is that Earth Day encourages the general public to take action. World Environment Day focuses on government, businesses and world organizations to take eco-friendly measures and do more to protect the environment. Still, everyone can do their part by donating money or supporting local environmental organizations, asking their employers to make the workplace more environmentally friendly and buying sustainable products. 

Products For The Home

When cooking, use reusable utensils and cookware. Instead of plastic, single-use bottles, use steel or hard-plastic water bottles. Put leftover foods in recyclable plastic or glass containers. When shopping for groceries, use recyclable tote bags instead of the store's plastic bags. Buy energy-efficient appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators. Energy-efficient LED light bulbs will not only save energy, but lower your electric bill as well. Consider replacing your current shower and faucet fixtures with low-flow water fixtures.

Organic cleaning products and plant-based sponges can clean the house and be safe for the environment. Organic soap and shampoo do a good job cleaning too. Instead of buying throwaway plastic toothbrushes, buy bamboo toothbrushes, including MABLE toothbrushes.  

Items For The Office  

A small potted plant on your desk or hanging from your cubicle wall will make your office look attractive. Consider buying pens with refillable ink or made from corn. Look into notebooks and stationary made from recyclable materials. Instead of using the paper or styrofoam coffee cups, bring your own mug to work. Some eco-friendly companies create USB drive covers made from cork. Consider buying a smartphone case made from recycled ocean plastic (ROP). Look into solar-powered chargers for your phone, such as this one from GoSun.

If you would like more information on top products for World Environment Day, feel free to contact one of our representatives. 

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