Product Spotlight - Essential Promotional Products for Summer 2023

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Product Spotlight - Essential Promotional Products for Summer 2023  


The summer season can be a great marketing opportunity for promotional products companies. They can provide apparel and other items for their employees and encourage them to use them on their vacations. The companies can also give it away at trade shows to promote their business. With these essential products, promotional companies should take advantage of this popular season and raise awareness for their brand or their clients' brand. 

Apparel and Accessories  

Many people like to wear casual, brightly colored clothes during the summer. Women often wear tank tops and cropped t-shirts. Tie-dye shirts remain popular and a matching bucket hat would really make the outfit stand out. Khaki shorts and swim trunks are perfect for wearing to the beach.   

For accessories, Malibu sunglasses are a must-have. Baseball caps and straw wide-brimmed hats also protect you against the sun's glare. Some people enjoy wearing flip-flops during the summer. Fanny packs make it easy to carry money and small items outdoors. 

Outdoor Items  

Summer usually means spending time outdoors at the pool or the beach and having picnics. Beach balls, frisbees and water guns are fun items for the children. Lie down on beach towels and picnic blankets; for those who prefer chairs, consider folding lawn chairs with  retro webbing. Branded coolers and snack bags protect food and drinks for outdoor destinations. Barbecue lovers will enjoy the grills and utensil kit bags. For entertainment, the Origaudio Hydrobump waterproof wireless speaker provides high-quality music that lasts for hours.  

Health and Wellness Products  

It's important for people to protect themselves and stay healthy when they're outside for a considerable amount of time. Sunscreen helps prevent sunburns and lip balm can protect your lips from getting chapped. Bug spray bottles should keep the insects away. Everybody should stay hydrated by drinking out of sports water bottles and tumblers. Cooling towels, including the Deluxe Cooling Towel seen below, will help cool off those who are feeling hot.

If you have any questions about promotional products for the summer or where to purchase them, please contact one of our representatives. 

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