Product Spotlight - Exciting Products For Halloween   ‍

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Product Spotlight - Exciting Products For Halloween   


Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. Children love to go trick-or-treating and adults can celebrate with house and office parties. Traditional items like Halloween costumes or themed clothing, food display items can enliven the festivities or you can think outside the box for exciting products for Halloween.

Clothing and Accessories  

Halloween is one holiday where people enjoy dressing up in bright and often outlandish clothing. Popular Halloween costumes include ghosts, vampires, zombies, superheroes and other movie characters. Those who prefer not to don costumes can still wear Halloween-themed t-shirts and sweatshirts, such as this Love and Bambii's Jack O Lantern sweatshirt.  

Accessories add flair to your costumes. Consider a skull or pumpkin-themed necklace with matching bracelets. Men might wear vampire or wizard capes. Women can wear a witch hat of different colors rather than the traditional black.

Bags and Food Display Items 

Children going trick-or-treating need bags to carry their goodies. Halloween-themed gift bags and tote bags make trick-or-treating more fun. Children can also carry backpacks shaped like pumpkins or black cats. 

Adults expecting trick-or-treaters will find candy bowls helpful. These bowls feature Halloween images such as skeletons, ghosts or black cats or more creative versions might be shaped like a witch's cauldron or a jack o lantern. Party hosts should use food trays, napkins and coasters that fit the Halloween spirit.  

Traditional Decorations  

What would Halloween be without decorations? Popular indoor decorations include black and orange-colored candles and streamers, ghost and bat cutouts that hang from the ceiling, and appropriately themed throw pillows. Carved pumpkins and tombstones remain traditional outdoor decorations. Maybe pose a life-sized skeleton figure on the front porch chair. Some people take it a step further by hanging strings of outdoor lights in the shape of spiderwebs, witch's hats and skulls.  

Non-Traditional Decorations 

Sometimes it helps to think outside the box when decorating for Halloween. An animated eyeball doorbell will likely spook trick-or-treaters. For indoors, hang bloody knives garlands and place gummy eyeballs around the house. For outdoors, consider large inflatable snakes and dinosaur skeletons, animatronic talking skulls or welcome mats with bloody footprints. Party hosts might keep drinks cool in a coffin with an inflatable vampire courtesy of Beistle.  

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