Product Spotlight - Great Products For Celebrating Thanksgiving

Monday, November 13, 2023

Product Spotlight - Great Products For Celebrating Thanksgiving   


Thanksgiving is a very special holiday where families and friends get together to give thanks for what they have and enjoy a lovely meal. Hosts might buy items to beautify their homes for the occasion or guests might give gifts to the hosts to thank them for the invite and acknowledge their hard work. Food, drinks, cooking items and decorations are among the great products for celebrating Thanksgiving. 

Cookware and Kitchen Items  

Many people agree that the best part of Thanksgiving is the meal. Therefore, the host and chef should have the right products to ensure a successful meal. For carving the meat or cutting up vegetables, consider a cutting board with a "Give Thanks" motto engraved on it and a sturdy carving knife. Spatulas, whisks and potato mashers remain important utensils. Some cooks prefer turkey fryers and basting brushes when cooking turkey. Pie pans can feature floral or autumn leaves design. Cooks should protect their hands with pumpkin-style oven mitts.  

Food, Drinks and Food Display Items  

Whether you're hosting the Thanksgiving meal or a guest bringing a side dish or dessert, you'll find many tasty options. Cheese samplers, cookies, popcorn sets, and spice collection are among the crowd-pleasers. Another must-have item (especially as a thank-you gift to the host) is a food basket, including this Pumpkin-Shaped Gift Basket from Harry & David. 

Wine remains a popular drink at Thanksgiving dinners. You can carry them in a wine bag and put "Give Thanks" sticker label on the bottle. For non-alcoholic beverages, serve pumpkin spice tea or apple cider.  

For food display items, hosts can use charcuterie boards for appetizers and ceramic bowls for gravy and snacks. Turkey platters make it easy to carry the main dish. People can place their glasses on Thanksgiving-themed marble coasters. Guests can put leftovers in microwaveable food containers to bring home.


 Decorating one's house not only makes the setting more attractive, but also boosts everyone's Thanksgiving spirit. Drape the sofa or recliner with a Thanksgiving-themed throw. Consider putting a cornucopia or pumpkin centerpiece in the middle of the table. Autumn-colored napkins with rings may be used by each member at the table.  Pumpkin spice or  pine-scented candles remain a favorite, including the Spiced Pumpkin Latte candle from Voluspa. 

If you have any questions or want to know where to purchase great products for celebrating Thanksgiving, please contact one of our representatives.

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