Product Spotlight - Ideal Gifts to Honor Vets on Veterans Day

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Product Spotlight - Ideal Gifts to Honor Vets on Veterans Day  


Veterans have sacrificed so much and done much for our country. This Veterans Day, we should find ways to say thank you for their service and show our appreciation to the vets in our community. Whether they are family members, friends or co-workers, let's consider ideal gifts to honor the vets on Veterans Day that range from clothing and decorations to acts of kindness. 

Apparel and Accessories    

Many veterans like to wear t-shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies that display the logo of the military branch they served. Another option is patriotic t-shirts with the stars and stripes colors or a bald eagle. Camouflage pants with a matching baseball cap also make a nice gift. Consider a veteran-owned company when buying clothing. Some will give a discount for veteran customers. One example is the OEF Veteran t-shirt from Grunt Style.

Accessories also reflect on the veteran's honorable service. Army berets and Navy sailor hats remain popular headgear. A personalized military-style watch or cufflinks engraved with a military branch logo are valid gift options too.  

Decorations and Other Gift Ideas 

Buyers can also look into these gift categories:

  • Decorations - Patriotic painting and prints with inspirational quotes about military service should please veterans. Plaques or paperweights engraved with the soldier's name, rank and years of service are a nice idea. Patriotic chair throws or pillows can decorate a house. Veterans might honor their country with an outdoor flag.
  • Hobbies - Veterans enjoy hobbies like fishing or wood carving, so consider getting them fishing gear or carving knives branded with their military branch logo.
  • Drinkware - Military-themed shot glasses or beer mugs remain standout gifts. Servicemen might be flattered by a silver flask with their name and rank engraved on it. Veterans will also appreciate coffee mugs with "Thank You Veterans" slogans, such as this cup by 3dRose. 

Non-Physical Gifts  

Honoring veterans doesn't need to mean physical gifts. You can help them with acts of kindness:

  • Give them gift cards to their favorite restaurants or stores.
  • Donate money to a veteran-related charity and if you own a business, consider sponsoring an event to help raise money to help that organization.
  • Many veterans are disabled and may need help with certain tasks, such as cleaning their home or doing yardwork. Offer your help with the chores. If they need a ride to a VA hospital, pay for a rideshare company to take them.

If you have any questions about ideal gifts to honor vets on Veterans Day, please contact one of our representatives. 

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