Product Spotlight - Important Promotional Products for Dealing With Winter

Monday, November 27, 2023

Product Spotlight - Important Promotional Products For Dealing With Winter    


Winter is almost here and as a result, demand for winter essentials will soar. Promotional products companies should seize the opportunity, both by giving away samples of products and by encouraging their clients to order items they might need now. Ranging from sweaters to beanies to sanitizers, These are the important promotional products for dealing with winter.

Apparel and Headgear   

Whether it's for clients or gifts for employees, winter clothing can be a very effective promotional product. Sweatshirts and hoodies remain popular items. Consider a variety of sweaters, both in material (fleece, cashmere, or sherpa) or design (cardigan, v-neck or quarter-zip). Flannel pajamas keep you warm at night. Wool socks and tube stockings protect the feet from the cold. 

Soft-shell and puffer jackets are great to wear when outdoors. Scarves and heated earmuffs provide additional warmth. Gripper and touchscreen gloves keep your hands warm and also help you use your fingers. Headwear is also important, from fur trapper hats to beanies, including this Carhartt fleece beanie.  

Health and Skincare Products   

While everyone should take care of their health all year long, it's especially important to do it during the winter when flu season is at its peak. Hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes are easy to carry around and can be used at home or the office. If you're under the weather, tissue boxes will prove beneficial and facemasks help prevent you from spreading the germs. 

The bitter cold also damages your skin, so hand lotions and moisturizers should offer good protection. Chapped lips can be minimized by applying lip balm regularly.

Odds and Ends Items  

These promotional products are also practical and some even fun to use:

  • Food- Chocolate sweets and peppermints come in a winter-themed box. Thermos bottles and insulated bowls keep soup warm.
  • Drinks- Hot chocolate and coffee can either come in a tin container or a mug set.
  • Car items- Ice scrapers can either be triangular-shaped or credit-card shaped to remove ice from windows. Tire pressure gauges indicate when to add more air.
  • Warming items- Throw blankets cover the whole body. Hot water bottles and rechargeable hand warmers keep certain body parts warm. Foot warmers, including Cozy Products' CozyFoot Warmer, work both at home and under the desk at work. 

For more information on important promotional products for dealing with winter and how to purchase them, please contact one of our representatives.

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