Product Spotlight - Popl Flat

Monday, March 28, 2022

Product Spotlight - Popl Flat 


In most industries, including the promotional products industry, making new contacts is essential to continued business growth.  As a company builds up its contact list, it increases the chances of profitable relationships with clients and suppliers.  Many people give their business cards to potential clients as a means of introduction.  Popl Flat makes it even easier to give your contact information and connect with others by using your smartphones.

About Popl Flat 

Popl Flat is a tag that you can put on the back and bottom of your smartphone.  The Flat is compatible with IPhone XR and newer phones and most Android smartphones. Those with older smartphones can download the Propl app and use the Propl QR code to send their information.  The tags are slightly bigger than a quarter in size and come in four colors: black, white, pink, and carbon fiber.  For an additional fee, you can print your business logo onto the Flat.

How It Works  

The Propl Flat is easy to use and easy to set up your digital business card.  If the other person has an IPhone, tap your Popl on top of their phone.  For Android users, tap the Popl on the phone's center.  Those with Android phones also need to make sure the NFC is turned on in settings.  The other person doesn't even need the Popl app on their device.  The Flat will automatically share your digital business card.  

Why Buy a Popl Flat  

Business associates sometimes encounter situations where they run out of business cards or forgot to bring extra cards.  With the Popl Flat, you don't ever need to worry about not having a physical card.  Your smartphone supplies the information.  A surefire way to increase revenue is to increase your number of contacts and your contacts can easily contact you with your business card on their smartphones.  For more information on the Popl Flat and how it can help your business, please contact one of our representatives.

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