Product Spotlight - Promotional Products Ideas for School Sports Teams

Monday, January 23, 2023

Product Spotlight - Promotional Products Ideas For School Sports Teams 


Many people enjoy going to their local schools' sporting events. Whether it's football, basketball or soccer games, promotional products are a great way for fans to show off their school spirit. A show of support for sports teams not only brings a school together, but it brings the whole community together.


Clothes are an easy way to display support for the school teams. Students, staff, and parents can wear shirts and caps with their team logo on it at school and all over town. In cooler weather, fans can wear jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts. 

Some promotional products companies work with the local high schools and colleges to supply their uniforms. When the team wins a championship, the company can give the players championship t-shirts to celebrate.  

School Supplies 

There are plenty of creative ways to promote the sports teams at school. Students can use notebooks and pens with their school logo on them. Promotional products can create stylish backpacks and drawstring bags for students to carry books and other items. Branded laptop and tablet cases and mouse pads are useful computer items for both students and teachers.

Tailgating Accessories  

Tailgating is popular at certain sporting events, especially college football games. Fans decorate their cars with decals, flags and license plate frames with the team logo. For those who plan to cook, they can use branded coolers to carry cold food and drinks. While eating, fans can sit on outdoor chairs and blankets. During pep rallies, the crowd can toss footballs around or wave pom-poms. Fanny packs and small tote bags can be used to carry items into the sporting venue. 


People can show their love for their local teams with branded coffee mugs and glasses to drink at home. While traveling to a game, fans can use sports bottles or tumblers. For those who like to drink out of a bottle or can, a koozie can keep them cool.

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