Product Spotlight - Top Back-to-School Supplies and Products

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Product Spotlight - Top Back-to-School Supplies and Products   


Although we are still in the middle of summer, it's not too early to think about buying items for when children go back to school. If parents wait too long, they might miss out on the most popular products. Parents can also use the time wisely to decide which items best fit their children's needs. Consider the following for the top back-to-school supplies and products.

Children's School Supplies  

One essential group of back-to-school supplies are pencils and other related items such as pencil sharpeners, colored pencils and erasers. Middle schoolers and up may need gel pens and a compass set. Three-ring binders and plastic folders can hold homework together. While one-subject notebooks remain popular, reusable wirebound notebooks are more sustainable and save the students' notes digitally. Flash index cards help students memorize answers before a test.

Of course, every child will need a durable backpack and they typically last about two years. Parents should consider a backpack set, such as the Bentgo 2-in-1 backpack with a matching lunch bag. 

Desk and College Dorm Supplies  

Many students have desks at home that they use to do homework and study for tests. Most dorms usually include desks for their students. A desk lamp can provide sufficient light at night and attachable bookshelves or drawers allow children to stack textbooks and binders. For students who don't have an actual desk, a lap desk handles most lightweight items. College students could use a laptop case to carry their laptop around campus. 

Students, especially high schoolers and up, will likely need electronic items. Docking stations can charge multiple devices for school. A wireless printer is a must-have for printing out homework and reports. 

Teachers' Supplies 

Items for teachers are often overlooked for back-to-school supplies. Practical items, such as clipboards, post-it notes and day planners, keep teachers organized. Teachers use storage carts to transport items around the classroom. Art teachers typically need to buy their own paint, drawing notebooks and construction paper. Hand sanitizers and wipes help keep the classroom clean. 

Sometimes, teachers need a morale booster as the school year starts. Family and friends might buy them a teacher appreciation mug or tumbler, including the YETI insulated tumbler that can be customized with the teacher's name and school logo.  

For more information on what top back-to-school supplies to buy for students or teachers, please contact one of our representatives who will gladly assist you. 

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