Product Spotlight - Top Gifts To Honor Memorial Day

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Product Spotlight - Top Gifts To Honor Memorial Day  


Memorial Day serves as a time to honor our fallen soldiers. Many people also use the holiday weekend for outdoor activities such as barbecues and beach events, especially with summer quickly approaching. However, people want to celebrate the day, they can buy gifts to make the occasion more special.  

Apparel and Accessories  

Whether it's military personnel honoring a fallen comrade or family members or friends who lost a loved one, they'll find plenty of clothing items to wear on Memorial Day. They can wear t-shirts and sweatshirts with the military branch logo proudly displayed on it. For headgear, there's Army camouflage baseball caps and visors. Consider adding camouflage pants to the ensemble.  

Decorations and Memorabilia  

Many people like to decorate their homes or offices for Memorial day. American flags are very popular, whether it's a garden flag to hang in the front yard or a small flag to plant at a local cemetery. Adorn the sofa with a flag or Air Force jet throw blanket. Patriotic artwork would liven the walls. Workers may place a Navy medallion desktop box or a military-themed paperweight on their desk.

To honor a specific deceased soldier, customers may order certain products, including flasks and plaques  with the name engraved on them. Family members can buy a patriotic picture frame for a photo of their loved ones. 

Outdoor Activities Items

Many people consider Memorial Day to be the start of summer. Therefore, they plan barbecues, picnics, and beach vacations that weekend. For barbecues and picnics, red, white and blue-colored coolers and mason jars seem appropriate. Tumblers and mugs with military branch logos or the American flag printed on them also work.

At the beach, people can bring military-themed tote bags and beach blankets. Red, white and blue-colored beach balls and umbrellas also emphasize the patriotic mood.  

If you have any questions or want more information on top gifts for Memorial Day, please contact one of our representatives. 

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