Product Spotlight - Modern Sprout Tumbler Grow Kit

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


With many people working from home, a well-decorated office space can work wonders.  An attractive yet homey work environment can boost employees' morale and increase productivity.  Plants are a simple accessory that can brighten any office and make great gifts for clients and workers. Modern Sprout Tumbler Grow Kits are a top choice for plant gifting because they offer a modern look, long lasting, and easy to care for solution.

How It Works  

The Modern Sprout Tumbler Grow Kits have a smoked-glass planter with a hydroponic or "wicking" system that carries the water and nutrients up through the plant's roots.  A green thumb isn't necessary, as all you need to do is add water!  The seeds take about one to two weeks to sprout.  For best results, the plants should be near a window or in a well-lit room.  

What's in the Kit  

Each Grow Kit contains the following items:

  • Organic and/or non-GMO seeds
  • Stainless steel net pot
  • Recycled glass medium growing coco pith disk
  • Polypro wick
  • Plant food
  • Instruction Manual

Finding the Right Tumbler 

Customers can choose from four different Grow Kits:

  • Blue agave tumbler with eucalyptus plant
  • Black tumbler with basil plant
  • White tumbler with mint plant
  • Sahara tumbler with lavender plant

A customer can personalize their gift with their company logo printed on the front or back panel.  The tumblers weigh less than two pounds and are 6.75" in height, so they take up little room on a desk. If you're interested in learning more about how Modern Sprout Tumbler Grow Kits are ideal gifts for your employees or clients, our representatives are here to help.

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