Following The Trend - Sustainability

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Market

Promotional products are a critical component of corporate marketing, employee moral, and client retention. Overall, the market is seeing a shift from low priced giveaways (famously known as Chachkies), to premium high value gifts that end users will keep and use consistently. Environmentally responsible products have contributed to that higher value considerably, and more importantly the perceived value. 

Our Vendors 

We work with the world’s most coveted suppliers who have corporate, environment, and social responsibility at the forefront. Our network of suppliers leverages critical standards to maintain and enforce compliance.

“By working closely with our suppliers, we have been able to improve their social compliance standards to the point that our Top 100 vendors (which represent 80% of our overall business) rank at an orange level or higher, meaning there are no high-risk nonconformities on site. We continue to work with those vendors for ongoing improvements, and have now extended our focus to reach the next 50 vendors”

Michelle Armstrong Director Product Development & Compliance at Global Buying Services

The Impact

With improved technology and manufacturing techniques - today’s sustainable promotional products are at the top of their game. Learn how these products and their charity partners are making a difference. 

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

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