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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Even the most meticulous dressers may find tucking in their dress shirts to be stuffy and annoying.. Once the shirt is tucked in, keeping it tucked is even more of a hassle. Over the years, businesses have been more lenient on dress code and implemented "business casual".  Whether you're dressed for business or casual attire, it's still important to look sharp.  UNTUCKit brand provides premium clothing that fits and looks stylish for all occasions. 

About UNTUCKit     

UNTUCKit, like its name suggests, is an apparel company that makes dress shirts specifically to be worn untucked.  Founded in 2011 by two friends from Columbia University, the casual dress shirts quickly started a trend and set UNTUCKit apart from its competitors.  The business has grown to currently employ over 700 employees in more than 80 stores in North America. 

Why UNTUCKit Stands Out 

UNTUCKit produces only high-quality shirts, using premium fabrics and fit. Shirts are inspected five times so that they meet the standards of excellence in shape, color, and strength.  Each shirt is wrinkle-free and has a reinforced collar and contoured hemline. The company website also has a useful tool called Find My Fit.  Customers can enter their measurements and whether they want fitted or relaxed.  

UNTUCKit's "Find Your Fit" Snip It

Types of Shirts

UNTUCKit offers a broad range of apparel to meet your needs, whether you want to look chic at the office or wear comfortable clothes at home.  They include:

  • Button-down shirts- includes solids, flannel, checkered, and striped
  • Polos
  • Sweaters and sweatshirts
  • Henleys and t-shirts
  • Women's shirt dresses and regular dresses
  • Outerwear- includes shirt jackets, vests, and sport coats 

Brand RPM wants you to look your best. For more inquiries about UNTUCKit or your branded apparel needs, simply reach out and we are here to help! 

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