Following The Trend- Return of Trade Shows and Promotional Products

Friday, April 8, 2022

Following The Trend - Return of Trade Shows and Promotional Products 


The pandemic had shut down most trade shows, with the only viable option was for the events to be held virtually.  This year, there's been a big increase in the number of in-person conventions and many businesses are taking full advantage of both face-to-face opportunities and technology.  Promotional products also play an important role in securing more clients and boosting revenue.

Different Attending Options 

Now that many pandemic restrictions have been lifted (ie. mask mandates), people yearn for face-to-face communication again.  Consequently, businesses and venues are bringing back trade shows and conventions in the hopes of increasing their client pool and boosting sales.  

Safety protocols still remain in place.  Many venues will have hand sanitizer dispensers available throughout the event and some may require attendees to show a negative Covid test result before entering the building.

A hybrid option of in-person meetings with virtual events is still the best option. Hybrid options allow companies to reach more people than in-person trade shows alone.  Certain people, concerned about sustainability, may not want to drive too far anymore; online events will ensure that businesses can still communicate with potential clients. 

Importance of Personalization 

Many trade show organizers are putting together smaller, more focused shows.  People are more inclined to attend conventions that they know will address topics that are important to them. Vendors can promote their newest products aimed at a specific industry or demographic. 

Using technology and interactive experiences can help personalize the meetings.  Virtual questionnaires can help attendees decide which products they need.  Interactive displays can also help them choose the product's specifics, like color and size. Personalizing the encounters with attendees helps strengthen relationships with future clients. 

How Promotional Products Help  

Promotional products are a great way to grab attendees' attention.  The most popular way to use promotional products is as freebies or giveaways. The products make a good conversation starter between distributors and attendees.  

Not only can promotional products help promote your brand, but they can also promote potential clients' brands too.  A distributor can show a brief video that demonstrates how easily shirts, coffee mugs, etc. can raise awareness for small and up-and-coming businesses. 

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