Product Spotlight - Ideal Gifts To Celebrate Earth Day

Monday, April 17, 2023

Product Spotlight - Ideal Gifts To Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22, is an excellent way to acknowledge ways we can help our environment and protect our natural resources. Giving people eco-friendly gifts on this day helps to remind them of the importance of being environmentally aware and encourages them to continue their sustainable activities.  

For The Office 

In recent years, people have looked more favorably towards businesses that enforce sustainable workplaces. Eco-friendly gifts to employees and special clients further promotes sustainability. Employees can decorate their workspace with potted plants. Workers might carry their laptops in a backpack partly made from recycled plastic. 

For writing materials, there's gel pens made from recycled bottles or pens made from bamboo or stalks of wheat. While recycled paper notebooks are still popular, the innovative RocketBook Fusion reusable notebook allows you to jot notes, send it to an app on your computer or smartphone and you can clear it to write new notes.


Many clothing companies are using environmentally conscious methods to produce their clothes. For example, both Patagonia and Everlane create certain shirts and pants using recycled polyester and cotton. Customers can buy organic cotton socks, robes, and dresses. There's also leggings made from 25% recycled bottles. Look for denim jeans that use 10 gallons of water or less to produce, as that makes them more sustainable than most brands. For accessories, consider organic bracelets or organic cotton caps.

Other Eco-Friendly Products  

Other useful gift ideas for Earth Day include:

  • Bamboo products - Toothbrushes and frames for pictures and certificates
  • Solar-powered chargers for electronic devices, ideal for those on the go
  • Gardening - Outdoor planter set and seed packets
  • Bags - Natural straw tote bag, washable paper lunch bags, reusable produce bag, recycled cotton drawstring bag, and purses made from sustainable cork
  • Drinkware - recyclable plastic cups, mugs made mostly from wheat, water bottle with bamboo lid, and S'well stainless steel tumbler with stainless steel straw.  

If you have questions or need more ideas on ideal gifts for Earth Day, please feel shoot us an email at or contact one of our representatives.

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