Product Spotlight - Promotional Products For Health and Fitness

Monday, March 28, 2022

Product Spotlight - Using Promo Products for Health and Fitness  


Many people resolve in the new year to exercise more and live healthier.  Certain people have always made their health a priority.  Businesses can do their part by sending employees and clients health and fitness products throughout the year.  This lets the recipients know their bosses care about their wellbeing and it makes for an effective marketing strategy with companies placing their logos on the products.

Personal Protective Equipment 

With the ongoing pandemic, personal protective equipment (PPE) are still important to help protect everybody and keep businesses going.  Facemasks (particularly N95 masks), hand sanitizers, UV wipes for smartphones, and infrared thermometers are essential items for both the office and home.  Frontline workers should consider using plastic face shields and safety goggles.  Other popular products include multivitamins to help boost immune systems and fruit baskets to encourage people to eat healthier foods.  

Moisturizer and Hydration Products 

Healthy skin can make you look and feel better.  Lip balms protect your lips from getting chapped and moisturizers can keep your skin from getting too dry and help it stay smooth. 

Drinking plenty of fluids is also a good habit and drinkware is popular gift to give employees and clients.  Tumblers, sports water bottles and thermos bottles not only can promote a company's brand, but they are easy to carry around, helping you to stay hydrated even with a busy schedule.   

Exercise and Running Items  

Whether they go to a gym or work out at home, some people commit themselves to regular exercise routines. Workout apparel (ie. t-shirts, sweatshirts, or shorts), along with gym bags and drawstring backpacks can display a business' logo.  For yoga lovers, they can use branded yoga pants and yoga mats.  Other effective workout equipment include jump ropes, resistance bands, and exercise balls. 

Runners can wear running bands to keep small items on them.  An armband keeps the runner's smartphone close to them and secure.  

For more information on how promotional products can encourage better health and fitness, please contact our representatives.

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